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Camp 2

Seniors, lets reach our goal of
"23 for class of 2023"!

Current Donors:

Amount Raised:

Donor Goal:

Donor Wall:

Max Paley (C'23)

Thanks for an awesome two years!! Excited to support the growth of the Chabad Georgetown community for years to come.

Ethan Missner (B'23)

Thank you so much for being a second family on campus! Looking forward to expanding and supporting this growing community post-grad!

Joseph Abergel (C'23)

Chabad has improved my Georgetown experience in ways that cannot be explained in words. Can't wait to be part of the future!

A Levitman (M'23)

I'm incredibly grateful to Chabad Georgetoen for allowing me to have access to a Yiddishe home during my time in medical school. 

Idan Chazan (MA'23)

Jordan Cohen ('23)

I will always be grateful for the establishment of the Chabad chapter at Georgetown . It provided both a fascinating learning experience and a strong Jewish community.

Aaron Greenstein (F'23)

Kevin Delijani (M'23)

Jason Gusdorf (M'23)

You are a true Mentsch! Thank you for your support and for strengthening the Jewish community at Georgetown.

Daniel Rogov (C'23)

Thank you to Chabad for everything you do on campus to help create a stronger and more vibrant Jewish student community at Georgetown!!

Berl Chaim
Rechester (C'23)

Thank you very much for your dedication to the Georgetown Jewish community. I am deeply grateful for your tireless efforts, ensuring that Georgetown students can always find warmth, support, and opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

I'm graduating, and I want to give back!

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